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Who is Matty Matheson?

Matty, 42, is a Canadian cook, restaurateur, entertainer and web character.

Brought into the world in New Brunswick, Canada, Matty spent summers at his granddad’s café.

In 2000 he moved to Toronto to join a cooking program, however later excited to go on visit as a roadie for his companion’s metal band.

In any case, Matty found he had an ability for butchering meat and ultimately tracked down work at an eatery.

Close to a long time back Matty started learning advanced French culinary methods under Cook Rang Nguyen at his Toronto eatery.

This began Matty’s excursion to turning into a notable superstar and culinary specialist goliath.

Matty began a YouTube direct in 2006 which has now amassed over 1.3million endorsers.

His channel is devoted to sharing recipes and culinary stunts.

Matty collaborated with Bad habit and completed a few tells including the best way to-series and a show where he ventures out around Canada to submerge himself in food and culture.

Nonetheless, his acting profession topped the previous evening when the show he created and featured in won an honor at the Emmys.

The show won the honor for best satire and Matty brought to his Emmy second the very excitement that makes him light up on screen”.

During his discourse, he honored the neighborliness business.

He said: “I simply need to thank cafés all in all, cordiality in general.

“I simply love cafés so much – the upside, the awful.

“It’s unpleasant,” he added.

“We are in general broken inside and each and every day we must appear and cook and encourage individuals by eating something and finding a seat at a table, and it’s truly lovely.”

Matty’s acknowledgment discourse was interfered with after Emmy victor Greenery Bachrach enthusiastically kissed the cook on the mouth.

What restaurants does Matty Matheson own?

Matty currently runs 11 restaurants all in Canada including Matty’s Patty’s, Prime Seafood and Maker Pizza, a chain with six locations.

In January 2022 he started a Vietnamese restaurant with his mentor and close friend, Rang Nguyen.

One of Matty’s restaurants is named after his daughter Rizzo, 5, which serves hearty Italian dishes.

On top of his restaurants and cooking shows, the entrepreneur also owns a clothing line called, Rosa Rugosa and co-owns a farm.

Who is Matty Matheson’s wife Trish Spencer?

Trish is an American way of life and design master who likewise runs a wedding store in Toronto, Canada.

Trish and Matty began dating in secondary school after her sister urged her to go out with him.

The pair have been joyfully hitched beginning around 2014 and held a little wedding by family members and companions.

Their relationship was tried after Matty experienced a respiratory failure at 29 from substance misuse – it nearly killed him.

Trish and Matty have three kids and they share photographs of their experiences via virtual entertainment.

Bio (Facts) and age of Matty Matheson

He was brought into the world on February 7, 1986 in Holy person John, New Brunswick. His family later moved to Stronghold Erie, Ontario and afterward to Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, where he grew up. At 19 years old he moved to Toronto, Canada in 2000.

He is one of four kids, three young men (Stephen, Matty and Adam) and one young lady (Sarah) brought into the world by their folks; their dad, a specialist named Stephen and his mom, Joan, a server.

As a young person, Matty was known as a miscreant, in spite of the fact that he was likewise a class jokester and consistently famous.

He was companions with everybody and was a ruler of fun who knew how to take the party to a higher level.

In any case, his wild way of life generally caused him problems: eventually in his eleventh year, he was pepper sprayed by the police.

Matty might have a characteristic inclination for butchering meat and preparing pies, however he never considered being a gourmet specialist as a profession. Regardless, it turned into his pass to distinction.

At the point when he moved to Toronto in 2000, he signed up for Humber’s cooking program basically in light of the fact that it was the main program in the city that acknowledged him.

There, he found his innate capacities and started to partake in his examinations. He was in any event, accomplishing passing marks interestingly.

Be that as it may, he was known as Toronto’s most skilled, unstoppable party freak who swallowed down bourbons like water and ingested medications.

Fourteen days before graduation, his tendencies for the wild removed him from school to visit Canada with a gathering of companions who were forming a metal band.

Subsequent to exiting school, Matty got a new line of work at Le Sélect Bistro where he figured out how to make exemplary French dishes and in the end fell head over heels for cooking. He moved to another café, La Range in 2006, where requests were everyday.

Private cooking (drinking, drugs, celebrating). After two years, he moved to Oddfellows, which opened in pre-fall 2008.

All he needed to do was cook great food and afterward party. What kept him in the business, nonetheless, was his great cooking abilities and his attractive persona that drew a horde of spectators.

Then, at that point, Parts and Work opened in 2010 and Matty was there, where he was acquiring a reputation as much as his food. Nonetheless, his savage way of life drove him to an unfortunate condition of wellbeing that almost killed him.

Following one of his evenings out when he was 29, he awakened in torment as though something was grasping his heart and wouldn’t stop. It was a cardiovascular failure.

It turned into a choice point for him. He left the medical clinic five days after the fact and vowed to stop drinking and ingesting medications.

You know how to turn goals around without commitment. Following three months of sound living, one beverage put him in a difficult spot making a course for death.

Following intercessions from companions, he deserted his prior ways and emerged from it unadulterated and has remained so from that point forward.

In spite of the fact that he was apprehensive at first of losing his companions and his enthusiasm, he found that he became kinder by being clear headed and doing his thing, cooking.

Years into his new life, he had a greater number of liabilities than he at any point longed for. He regulates four cafés, teams up on a worldwide show with Bad habit, composes a cookbook and brings up the kid to a child.

His wife

Matty is married to the co-proprietor of wedding shop LoversLand on Ossington, Trish Spencer.

The team have been together since they were young people, in spite of the fact that Trish was reluctant to date him from the get go.

A support from her more seasoned sister attached her to the most clever person around, as per said sister.

Throughout the long term they have been together and are closest companions who support each other in their particular vocations.

Her choice to date Matty Matheson ended up being one of the most amazing choices of her life.

In August 2014, they reinforced at his aunt and uncle’s home in Port Dover. Their child MacArthur was brought into the world in Walk 2016.

Other facts to know about Matty Matheson

Matty 1st attempted cocaine in grade 11.

The title of his show, Never going to budge on Life depends on a tune composed by Canadian metal band Malignant growth Bats.

The terrible supervisor possesses north of 200 sets of tennis shoes. In the event that he wasn’t a gourmet expert, he would be in the style business.

He made his demonstrating debut for Holt Renfrew throughout their fall 2015 mission.

He opened his most memorable café at 26 years old.

Matty Matheson might be a decent culinary specialist with such countless individuals cherishing his cooking, yet he can’t stand his own food.

He never wears a watch. His explanation is that he could do without individuals knowing how rich or unfortunate he is.

He is known for swearing, which midpoints around 150 swear words for every episode of his series.


  1. Birthdate: February 7, 1986
  2. Birthplace: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Education: Humber’s cooking program, Toronto
  4. Career Start: Le Sélect Bistro, Toronto
  5. Restaurants Owned: 11, including Matty’s Patty’s, Prime Seafood, Maker Pizza, and a Vietnamese restaurant with Rang Nguyen
  6. YouTube Channel: Over 1.3 million subscribers, focused on recipes and culinary tips
  7. Clothing Line: Rosa Rugosa
  8. Awards: Emmy for best comedy series as a producer and star
  9. Personal Struggles: Substance abuse and a heart attack at 29
  10. Philanthropy: Advocates for the hospitality industry


Matty Matheson is a renowned Canadian chef, restaurateur, and television personality known for his exuberant personality and culinary talents. Born in New Brunswick, Canada, he discovered his passion for cooking at his grandfather’s restaurant. Matty’s journey in the culinary world began in earnest when he moved to Toronto in 2000, where he developed his skills under Chef Rang Nguyen. He gained fame through his popular YouTube channel and collaborations with Vice, leading to multiple successful restaurant ventures and a clothing line. Matty is married to Trish Spencer, an American lifestyle and fashion expert, and they have three children together. Their relationship has endured significant challenges, including Matty’s battle with substance abuse and a near-fatal heart attack at 29.


Q: Who is Matty Matheson?
A: Matty Matheson is a Canadian chef, restaurateur, and television personality known for his vibrant personality and culinary expertise. He owns multiple restaurants in Canada and has a popular YouTube channel.

Q: How did Matty Matheson start his culinary career?
A: Matty began his culinary career at Le Sélect Bistro in Toronto, where he learned to prepare classic French dishes. He later worked at La Palette and Oddfellows before gaining fame.

Q: What restaurants does Matty Matheson own?
A: Matty owns 11 restaurants in Canada, including Matty’s Patty’s, Prime Seafood, Maker Pizza, and a Vietnamese restaurant with his mentor, Rang Nguyen.

Q: Who is Matty Matheson’s wife?
A: Matty Matheson’s wife is Trish Spencer, a lifestyle and fashion expert who co-owns the wedding store LoversLand in Toronto. They have been together since high school and married in 2014.

Q: How many children do Matty Matheson and Trish Spencer have?
A: Matty and Trish have three children, including their son MacArthur, born in March 2016.

Q: What personal challenges has Matty Matheson faced?
A: Matty Matheson has struggled with substance abuse and suffered a heart attack at 29. He has since committed to sobriety and continues to advocate for the hospitality industry.

Q: What other ventures is Matty Matheson involved in?
A: Besides his restaurants, Matty Matheson has a clothing line called Rosa Rugosa and co-owns a farm. He also produces and stars in television shows, including those in collaboration with Vice.

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