Feel the genuine luxury and cutting-edge features of the METAVERTU 2.

VERTU, the groundbreaker in the world of premium mobile electronics, hereby announces the METAVERTU 2, the Flip smartphone that restored the luxurious and cutting-edge concept to the Web3 technology. Having this incredible piece in mind, the device was obviously designed with the digital assets management in mind while applying to the traditional VERTU craftsmanship, the latest Web3 opulence in order to offer elite tech savvy users that have been digging into the blockchain space the best possible peace of mind.

Unmatched Performance and Storage

On the other hand, METAVERTU 2 sells its fastest pace with 12GB RAM LPDDR 5X and 512GB ROM to make sure that it will be both smooth and effective when using multiple applications at the same time. With processing power and loads of storage, you will not have any of these worries and you can manage all these in a speedy and effortless way.

Visual Perfection and the Unique Display of Immersive Experience

The 1. With a 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz screen, you can enjoy a great interactive experience of web3 contents. This old tablet requires a flexible 2D straight screen which is 6 inches. This is another attractive feature. 78.8 cm, which is so big you can create countless works on your digital canvas.

Get a grip on your life’s memories with superb cameras.

Those shooting modes of our METAVERTU 2 are created by the outstanding quad-camera focusing on its main 50M (BMIMX800 OIS) sensor, wide-angle 50MW with the OV50D of a macro of 2. 5cm, DFOV=120. includes an ultra-wide 1.4° field of view, an 8MP OIS telephoto lens (80mm), and a multi-spectral sensor. The 1-inch outsole and 16MP front camera equipped this camera in such a way that it renders exceptional image quality and versatility.

Power and Charging Redefined

Featuring a 5100mAh (typical) battery and 65W fast charging, the METAVERTU 2 offers you the convenience and efficiency to stay in touch and get things done 24/7. This straightforward screen takes little space on a person’s pocket that can easily be expanded to a larger size, all done by the simple flip. Furthermore, the nature of the USB-C 3.0 quick charge technology whose strong force enables a smartphone to be fully charged within minutes is very helpful. They provide 2 (GEN2) trip cord designed to reduce the mess of cords that are always a frustration.

Shipment and Delivery

The METAVERTU 2 is intended to arrive secure and in one piece, so you have a hassle-free and on-time delivery. With VERTU’s premium packaging coupled with its excellent customer support, you can be confident that your device will arrive in perfect conditions after shipping.

Join the Luxury Revolution

Take the METAVERTU 2 Ai Phone out of the online store today and get the best mix between the brilliance of technology and the sophisticated look. Get yourself a VERTU member and start exploring a new experience in crypto assets and the world of Web3.

Final Thought

METAVERTU combines digital and experience into a hyper-spatial next level. Enhanced with its high performance, modern look as well as its new features, this top-end smartphone is an ideal smart and digital money phone for self-demanding people. Be part of the special VERTU® gathering and dive into a novel world of innovation trends. Join us and boost your mobile power and MORE of what web 3.0 can offer. follow the METAVERTU2 3.0.


What is the METAVERTU Version 2(2nd generation) ?

A smartphone which is designed to simplify digital assets management, in addition, the device is providing blockchain innovation.

What is the principal characteristic of METAVERTU generation 2?

12GB RAM(LPDDR5X), 512GB ROM, Update soon. 5K OLED 120Hz panel, quad-camera arrangement, and 5100mAh battery with 69W quick charging.

What differentiates the METAVERTU 2 from its competitors lies in its:

The smartwatch that bridges the gap between digital asset management and Web3 technologies, high-end craftsmanship, and premium design at a competitive price.

Who is the ECOPET 2 targeting?

For tech-savvy folks with great passion in digital assets as well as those interested in premium android devices.

Questions related to the buying process of METAVERTU2 are now coming up.

Choose now your favorite VERTU model by placing an online order on the VERTU website or through one of our authorized retailers and become a member of the exclusive community of VERTU.

Does ‘the warranty’ METAVERTU 2 apply?

METAVERTU 2, 2 –years of warranty and convenient customer support are included in the pack.

Does the METAVERTU 2 have the potential to work seamlessly with Web3 platforms?

Web3 and digital currency are precisely the METAVERTU 2 as it is designed to merge flawlessly with those platforms.

Will goods be delivered by your METAVERTU 2?

(suggestion: Consider modifying the sentence) The METAVERTU 2 is delivered safely and reliably, thus guaranteeing a smooth delivery process.

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