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Discover the incredible adventure that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide, led by the Haitian-American actress Meta Golding. Golding will make $5 million in 2023 thanks to her extraordinary talent and perseverance, which have catapulted her to the top of the profession. From her varied childhood to her renowned performances in the “The Hunger Games” movie and hit television series, Golding has had a huge influence on the entertainment industry.

Meta Golding Husband:

Meta Golding and William Gaminara, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, got married in 2013. They have been blessed with two lovely children ever since. Meta’s outstanding roles in popular films like “The Hunger Games” and “The Umbrella Academy” might be familiar to you. In the entertainment industry, she has truly established a name for herself!

Who is Meta Golding?

Meta Golding doesn’t share details about his personal or romantic life. Please return frequently as we will be continuously adding fresh relationship information to this page. Let’s look into Meta Golding’s past hookups, romances, and ex-girlfriends. Meta Golding would prefer not to talk about her marriage and divorce in detail. 

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Meta Golding Biography:

Meta Golding was born in India on November 2, 1971. She used to live with her parents and was raised in a variety of locations. Her parents were international aid workers, and they used to travel to America, India, Haiti, France, and Italy—though she hasn’t revealed their names. She moved to Haiti very quickly after she was born in India. Before settling in the United States, she also traveled to France and Italy. When she lived in Italy, she started figure skating on ice. However, she had to stop skating because of an injury, and she later switched careers to acting. 

She went back to the United States and started taking acting classes in New York. She is supposed to be single right now in terms of her personal life. However, she has kept her private life a secret, so no one knows for sure. Additionally, check Marta Milan’s wealth.


Real NameMeta Lilian Golding
BirthdayNovember 2, 1971
BirthplaceSuburbs of Haiti
Zodiac SignScorpio
EthnicityAmerican and Haitian
Dating/BoyfriendProbably Yes
Married/HusbandNot Yet
Net Worth$2 million
Age51 years old
Height5 feet 5 inches

Meta Golding Education:

Meta Golding has been raised in a variety of settings and has also changed schools numerous times. Her school’s name has not been made public. She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in acting and drama at Cornell University.

 Meta Golding Height:

Meta averages 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighs around 57 kilograms. Her beautiful brown eyes and straight black hair enhance her beauty.

Meta Golding Family:

Meta was of mixed American and Haitian ancestry when she was born into the Golding family. Her father is of American descent, whereas her mother is Haitian. Their parents met while his father was working for an aid organization in Haiti. They eventually fell in love, and their relationship eventually led to marriage.

Meta had the opportunity to travel to a variety of locations, including Haiti, Italy, France, India, and Senegal, while her parents were employed by the food relief organization. She was able to learn and speak English, French, Italian, and Haitian Creole despite that.

Sadly, however, her parents split up when she was one year old. However, Meta spends a lot of time with her parents because she is close to them.

Meta Golding Career:

When Meta Golding suffered an injury in 1995, she decided to give up ice skating and focus on acting instead. She made her acting debut in the Conversations short film. In the same year, she also made her television debut with 68 episodes of the show Loving, which went on to become one of her most well-known projects. She also appeared in another movie that year, Quite Days in Hollywood. 

Later films starring Meta Golding include Kiss the Girls, Louis & Frank, On Edge, Surrogates, and numerous others. Her breakthrough film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, came out in 2013. In 2015, she did the sequel, which is her biggest project to date on a big screen. 

She has appeared in dozens of early television shows, including The Wayans Bros., Malcolm & Eddie, Midnight Blue (a television movie), The District, Crossing Jordan, and others. She worked for a while in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where she achieved success. She worked for Day Break from 2006 to 2007. Criminal Minds, Dark Blue, Empire, Rabbit Hole, and other successful works came later.

Meta Golding Net Worth:

In addition to her remarkable talent and successful career, the accomplished Haitian-American actress Meta Golding stands out for her modest lifestyle. Golding chooses to prioritize her personal well-being over materialistic pursuits, despite her growing net worth, which is estimated to be $5 million in 2023.

Meta Golding Privacy and Work-Life Balance:

Her strong commitment to privacy sets her apart from many other famous people. She actively works to keep her personal life out of the public eye, even though her professional life is frequently in the spotlight. Finding a healthy balance between her professional and personal lives is the goal here, not hiding anything. Golding is aware of the significance of separating the two so that she can devote time to herself and her health.

Meta Golding Notable Roles and Achievements

In “The Hunger Games,” Meta Golding’s performance as Enobaria really touched people. Her performance was praised for adding layers of depth and complexity to the character, and people couldn’t stop talking about it. She has undoubtedly become a sought-after commodity in the business. 

However, Meta’s talent extends beyond one role. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she possesses serious abilities. She is always on point, whether she is getting into intense drama or kicking butt in action-packed scenes. Her adaptability is truly remarkable. 

Meta stands out thanks to her unwavering dedication to her work. Audiences are spellbound by her sincere dedication to each role. It’s no big surprise she’s piled up grants and acquired a steadfast fan tracking with the way.

Facts about Meta Golding:

  • Birth and Family: Meta Golding was born on November 2, 1971, in the suburbs of Haiti. She was raised by her American father and Haitian mother, who met while her father was working in Haiti for an aid organization. Despite their divorce when Meta was one year old, she remained close to both parents and traveled extensively during her childhood.
  • Education: Golding attended various schools due to her family’s frequent relocations. She later pursued a bachelor’s degree in acting and drama from Cornell University.
  • Career Beginnings: After sustaining an injury in 1995, Meta shifted her focus from figure skating to acting. She made her debut in the short film “Conversations” and then appeared in the television series “Loving,” which marked the beginning of her successful acting career.
  • Notable Roles: Meta Golding gained widespread recognition for her role as Enobaria in “The Hunger Games” film series. Additionally, she has appeared in various television shows such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Empire.”
  • Net Worth: As of 2023, Meta Golding’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.
  • Personal Life: Meta Golding married William Gaminara, a businessman and philanthropist, in 2013. The couple has two children together, but Golding prefers to keep her personal life private.


Meta Golding, born on November 2, 1971, in Haiti, is an accomplished Haitian-American actress known for her diverse roles in both film and television. Despite facing challenges such as relocating frequently during her childhood, Golding pursued her passion for acting and eventually achieved success in the entertainment industry.

Golding gained prominence for her portrayal of Enobaria in “The Hunger Games” franchise and has continued to impress audiences with her versatile performances in various television shows and films. With a net worth of $5 million, she remains dedicated to her craft while also prioritizing her privacy and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who is Meta Golding’s husband?

Meta Golding is married to William Gaminara, a well-known businessman and philanthropist. They tied the knot in 2013 and have two children together.

What are Meta Golding’s notable roles?

Meta Golding is best known for her role as Enobaria in “The Hunger Games” film series. She has also appeared in television shows such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Empire.”

What is Meta Golding’s net worth?

As of 2023, Meta Golding’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, reflecting her successful acting career and financial achievements.

Where was Meta Golding born and raised?

Meta Golding was born in the suburbs of Haiti and was raised in various locations due to her parents’ international aid work. She traveled to countries such as America, India, France, and Italy during her childhood.

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