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Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl: Games are generally enjoyable to play, however with the appearance of web based games, things have changed a lot. While it very well may be a wellspring of joy for some, it could likewise end up being dangerous for other people.

 Gabriel Kuhl has a place with the last class. The young man experienced a horrifying demise after his kindred gaming accomplice killed him ruthlessly. All things considered, individuals regularly call it a Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case! Despite the fact that it has previously been quite a while since the episode occurred, there are as yet unanswered inquiries. 

The homicide case chills down the spines of millions even today, yet individuals likewise atone of the carelessness that persevered for a really long time. Indeed, the world is as yet inquisitive about the whereabouts of Kuhl’s executioner. What has been going on with him? Where could he currently be? Such questions are still to find a substantial solution. Allow us to have a more critical look!

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: From Where Do They Belong?

Gabriel Kuhn purportedly lived in St Nick Catarina, Brazil, and fostered an interest for computer games quite early on. His instructive foundation or family subtleties have never been uncovered. In any case, how he was severely killed by one of his dear companions, Daniel Petry, would in any case give you frightening goosebumps. Amazingly, Gabriel was just 12 when Petry killed him. 

Then again, the last option lived in his area, and the two became companions over a web based game, Tibia. Petry was brought into the world in 1991 and was dependably a forceful youngster who enjoyed several fierce demonstrations. As indicated by the reports, his irascible nature and insubordinate conduct additionally drove him to seek mental treatments. 

This, however there were likewise times when Daniel used to take off from school. In any case, the normal interest of Gabriel and Daniel in the web based game made them companions. You will be stunned to realize that Petry was just sixteen when he killed his gaming accomplice. 

It is from that point forward, the deadly outcomes of internet games have started raising the temperature of the world. Indeed, it has been over 10 years since Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case occurred. However, it feels so grisly and amazing even today!

What Actually Is The Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case?

Prior to jumping into the specific subtleties, let us caution you of the terrible lawbreaker act committed by Daniel Petry. In 2007, the two young people delighted in playing Tibia with one another and turned into a piece of the gaming local area. Presently, since Daniel and Gabriel lived in a similar area, their fellowship carved out opportunity to develop. 

Be that as it may, at some point, the 12-year-old’s body was tracked down shrouded in blood with numerous cut blemishes on it. The explanation for this most discussed murder case was really 20,000 Tibia’s cash, which generally sums to $1.75. 

It was a sort of computerized cash utilized in the web based game to get a few sovereignties and different prerequisites. Kuhl acquired the cash from Petry however denied bringing it back. The previous was hesitant to converse with the 16-year-old and subsequently got detached from each electronic connection. This was the justification for why Daniel was baffled, and his annoyance contacted the sky. 

Since he previously had a forceful nature and conduct, Daniel couldn’t deal with the refusal. He went to Gabriel’s home and gone into his room. Be that as it may, prior to doing as such, Petry called his mom at 9:30 AM upon the arrival of the wrongdoing to know the specific timing of her appearance. 

Further, in the wake of going into Kuhl’s room, Daniel locked the entryway and went after him. In the wake of beating the more youthful teen for some time, he began manhandling him physically. Truth be told, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case reports say that Gabriel Kuhl was really assaulted, and he could do nothing yet endure.

Daniel Sliced The Victim’s Body!

Later on, the 16-year-old chose to kill Gabriel, thus he raised a few electrical ropes. He effectively folded them over Kuhl’s neck and choked him until the kid couldn’t inhale and became unmoving. Nonetheless, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case didn’t stop there. 

The previous needed to conceal the body, and thus, he found a little space where he could put it. Also, what Daniel did next is totally horrendous! He found a saw and started cutting the dead body to diminish its size with the goal that Daniel could put it in the little unfinished plumbing space. 

Be that as it may, as he was doing as such, Gabriel awakened and shouted noisily! In any case, the shout didn’t go about as a frenzy factor for the executioner. As a matter of fact, Daniel was strangely happy with such sounds, and this intrigued him to keep cutting Gabriel’s body into cuts. 

All things considered, even in the wake of doing as such, the dead body couldn’t be full in the space. So the 16-year-old chose to leave the body as it was, yet he tried to make Tibia images in it. 

Rapidly subsequent to killing Gabriel, Petry ran away from the area. After some time, the casualty’s sibling got back and found Kuhl’s body lying on the floor. He accumulated neighbors for help, and afterward the police showed up at the crime location, in this manner fixing the whole region.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: Was The Killer Taken Into Arrest?

Before long, the cop found the whole web-based contention between the teens with respect to the Tibia monetary forms. Daniel Petry was in the end taken into capture. Be that as it may, not at all like different hoodlums, he admitted to having killed Gabriel. This, however he additionally gave insights concerning each and every demonstration with no responsibility. 

Finally, wrapping up his words, the killer blamed the casualty for being an evildoer who deceived and conned him. Later on, Kuhl’s post-mortem examination report affirmed that the 16-year-old physically disregarded him. In this way, the cops inquired as to whether he sought after a gay direction, to which he responded forcefully. The kid denied being so and didn’t discuss this reality much. 

After the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case developed well known on the planet, everybody requested equity. Truth be told, the story involved public consideration in Brazil, and the public needed an only choice from the legal executive. 

Be that as it may, Daniel Petry didn’t experience a lot, tragically, even in the wake of perpetrating a shocking wrongdoing. The 16-year-old was charged as a minor, and as a discipline, the court reported him to burn through three years in an adolescent restorative office. As per the media report, Petry was set free from the adolescent camp in 2010 in the wake of carrying out three years of prison punishment.

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

It is since his life as a youngster that Daniel Petry has created rough inclinations. As a matter of fact, his folks have benefited him away for mental tests, yet the teen generally stopped his treatment. As a matter of fact, Kuhl’s killer could have done without going to specialists and, surprisingly, created monstrous contempt for them. 

The 16-year-old likewise quit going to class however tracked down his solace in playing Tibia. Daniel even connected with other individual internet based players, subsequently laying out a far off companionship with them. Subsequently, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case never acquired any progressions him. 

Discussing his ongoing whereabouts, Daniel Petry has vanished in the wake of finishing his adolescent confinement in 2010. He has quit emerging before the commoners, in this manner concealing his ongoing personality and area. 

This is the motivation behind why there are a few speculative hypotheses about his reality. Many individuals accept that Daniel may be living unobtrusively in Brazil by embracing another personality and vocation way (in view of the Reddit post). 

Other than this, a specific populace guarantees that the responsibility of killing Gabriel would have made him end his own life. Moreover, a couple netizens recommend that the lawbreaker might have escaped the nation and may be residing in somewhere else. Presently, what’s reality? Indeed, the vanishing is as yet a secret and a strange riddle that doesn’t appear to get a response soon!


  1. Gabriel Kuhl was a young boy who lived in St Nick Catarina, Brazil, with a passion for online gaming.
  2. Daniel Petry, born in 1991, was a teenager known for his aggressive behavior and involvement in violent acts.
  3. The two became friends through an online game called Tibia, despite their age difference (Gabriel was 12, and Daniel was 16).
  4. The murder occurred in 2007 when Daniel killed Gabriel over a dispute involving 20,000 Tibia’s in-game currency.
  5. Daniel attempted to hide Gabriel’s body in a small space but was unable to conceal it completely, leaving the crime scene exposed.
  6. After the murder, Daniel fled the area and was eventually arrested, confessing to the crime but showing no remorse.
  7. Daniel was charged as a minor and sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional facility.


The case revolves around the tragic murder of Gabriel Kuhl by his online gaming partner, Daniel Petry, in 2007. Gabriel, a young boy from Brazil, and Daniel, a teenager known for his aggressive nature, became friends through the game Tibia. However, a dispute over in-game currency led to Daniel brutally killing Gabriel. Despite confessing to the crime, Daniel was sentenced to only three years in a juvenile facility. The case highlights the dangers of online gaming and the consequences of unchecked aggression.


What was the motive behind Gabriel Kuhl’s murder?

The murder was triggered by a dispute over in-game currency in Tibia, which led to Daniel Petry brutally killing Gabriel Kuhl.

How old were Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl at the time of the murder?

Gabriel Kuhl was 12 years old, while Daniel Petry was 16 years old when the murder occurred.

What happened to Daniel Petry after he was arrested?

Daniel Petry was sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional facility but was released in 2010 after serving his sentence.

Is Daniel Petry still alive?

The current whereabouts of Daniel Petry are unknown, as he disappeared after completing his juvenile confinement.

How did the murder of Gabriel Kuhl impact online gaming communities?

The case highlighted the potential dangers of online gaming, particularly in terms of unchecked aggression and the need for monitoring young players’ interactions.

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